European Network «Castles»

If you wish to participate download the Application form from here, fill it and send it back to us via email to

The Center for Environmental Education of Molai, which is a structure of public education of Greece under the Ministry of Education, established, -after the Ministry’s decision in 2009 and since then coordinates- the national thematic environmental educational network entitled «Castle, the place defines it and the man builds it.»
In this network participate on average about 140 schools each year, from primary and secondary education from all over Greece, implementing a program concerned with the castles of their area.

This network was established because of and in connection with the famous castle of Monemvasia, located in our region.

Recently in April 2016, upon our request, the Ministry of Education has upgraded our network about the castles, to a European one.
The purpose of our network is to sensitize students and teachers in issues of sustainable management of cultural heritage, to interconnect local/ national monuments and castles at European level, to present European people’s interactions in historical times, since the castles have always been -par excellence -places where people from different nationalities and cultures coexisted.
Even more we aim to explore sustainable ways of castles’ management today by incorporating them in everyday life, to study the natural environment of each region and its interactions with human activities from the past until today.

So, from now on, schools from primary and secondary education from all European Union countries will be able to participate in this. The only requirement to be met is the participating schools to implement an educational – environmental program about the castle of their region/country or to consider to implement one in the future.

Through this network, teachers and students will be able to exchange material- resources and experiences, contact each other and propose innovative activities to the other members of the network, plan field trips and implement training seminars, to promote the development of the network.

A facebook page will be created in order for the members to communicate, exchange ideas and collaborate. By the end of the school year every school has to prepare a final product- presentation and upload it on the particular page, to share it with the other members of the network.

In our site, you can find the application form for joining the network, as well as educational material that can be consulted, photographs from the Municipality of Monemvasia area and of the castle, where our center is located and of course our contact information for any question and collaboration proposal.

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